Lets say I want to check if field with very long key exists in my database. So I query it like:

var fieldId = "Fields/Very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_very_LONG_FIELD_ID";


And then I get BadRequest exception from RavenDB which says:

The length of the URL for this request exceeds the configured maxUrlLength value.

I am using RavenDb 2330 version.

Question: how can I increase the maxUrlLength property in RavenDb?

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You can't. Use Lazy operations - this will send it as a POST and avoid this error.

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