I have a Canon EOS 1100D (Rebel T3) and wrote a C# program to control it using the EDSDK dlls. I'm saving taken pictures on the computer.

I want to take pictures remotely by a "Wireless Shutter Release Remote Controller", and then process these pictures immediately. But there is a problem:

Is there any event in EDSDK dlls that can detect newly captured photos? Any help will be appreciated.

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In short, you should

  • init the camera connection and session through USB
  • set kEdsPropID_SaveTo to kEdsSaveTo_Host or kEdsSaveTo_Both
  • register an object event handler with the EDSDK
  • wait for a kEdsObjectEvent_DirItemRequestTransfer event
  • execute or cancel the downloading of the image (DownloadComplete (after downloading) or CancelDownload (if images are not needed))

for C# specific examples, see other posts like Canon sdk internal error at edsDownload

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