I'm a beginner with SVN.

Every time I commit a file in my project, the file is not created/updated on the server.

However, there is no errors when I commit and the SVN repo is updated.

When I check the last modified files on my server, the commited files are not created or updated but files concerning the SVN repo are updated (file created: /svn/myproject/db/revs/0/358).

How can my new file be on the server?

I use Eclipse with Subclipse for a PHP project. The server is on Ubuntu.


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  1. Read and undersand SVN Book
  2. When you commit changes, they appear only in repository, which can not be used directly as source files for site (site is additional independent entity as real files on filesystem of server)
  3. It (site) can/must be updated in order to reflect latest changes from repository - this is manual work or task for post-commit hook
  4. Because at least two ways exist for performing this job (svn export or updating Working Copy, which represent your site), you have to ask SVN-admin:
    • How it performed now
    • Why it does not work
  5. If you haven't manual or post-commit task for updating, you have to write it
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