Im trying to configure Xampp as I have done before and everything use to work. Now, I am a bit concerned because even though I have set a password for my PhpMyadmin(exactly as I have done in the past), the system doesn't ask me to log in at anytime. What has changed? Before I had to log in with username "root" and password and now it doesn't ask for it?

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With phpMyAdmin, there are different means of authenticating ("auth_types"). These are generally set in the configuration file,, using a line like $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type'] = 'cookie';.

Using cookie or http prompt the user for username and password when connecting; config means it's hardcoded in to the configuration file and you're automatically connected. The default in the official phpMyAdmin distribution is cookie, however it sounds like XAMPP makes it config. You should be able to change that simply by editing the file and changing (or adding) the line mentioned above..

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