When I try to log into phpmyadmin from wamp server(2.4 windows 7), following error comes up

2002 Cannot log in to the MySQL server

I used "root" as the username and empty box(didn't type anything) as the password

Wamp server was working fine until yesterday. Now the icon on the system tray is orange in color( earlier it was green)

Any body who can help??

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Try restarting all the services by left-click on wamp icon.

Or try the solutions on phpMyAdmin is throwing a #2002 cannot log in to the mysql server phpmyadmin

Also read this post,,119961


Try to execute netstat -nlpt command.And figure out mysql process .Kill it and start your wampp.

If you change your mysql port, so you need to check mysql port on php.ini

mysqli.default_port = <your_port_goes_here>

Default port is 3306. So if you change your port, you need to change your port on php.ini and restart all services. In some case, this small mistake produce error #2002 Cannot log in to the MySQL server.

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