I have C# code below:

FileStream fs       = new FileStream("output.bin", FileMode.Open);
BinaryReader _br    = new BinaryReader(fs);
var a               = _br.ReadByte();
var b               = _br.ReadByte();

a returns 0x00 and b returns 0x03.

But in my C++ code:

std::ifstream ifs("output.bin", std::ios::binary);;
char buf1[2];, 2);

buf1[0] returns -52 and buf1[1] returns -52.

What's wrong with my code?

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You need to check that state of your stream in the C++ code after creation, and after the read, to be sure that the operations were successful. Ie if (ifs) {...} after creating the stream, and after reading it. If either operations failed, then after you are just reading uninitialised / undefined data from buf1.

See for examples of using ifstream properly.

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