I have a string '2009-06-24 09:52:43.000', which I need to insert to a DateTime column of a table.

But I don't care about the time, just want to insert it as 2009-06-24 00:00:00.000

How can I do that in T-SQL?

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For SQL Server 2005 and below:

CONVERT(varchar(8), @ParamDate, 112)    -- Supported way

CAST(FLOOR(CAST(@ParamDate AS float)) AS DATETIME)   -- Unsupported way

For SQL Server 2008 and above:

CAST(@ParamDate AS DATE)


declare @originalDate datetime
select @originalDate = '2009-06-24 09:52:43.000'

declare @withoutTime datetime
select @withoutTime = dateadd(d, datediff(d, 0, @originalDate), 0)

select @withoutTime

SELECT CAST(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),'2009-06-24 09:52:43.000',102) AS DATETIME)

James is correct. If you're starting off with a string, and the format will always be what you say it is, then you keep it simple and efficient. Use LEFT( @StrDate, 10) and CONVERT that to your datetime value. Done.

If your input string could be any valid date/time format, then you have to use CONVERT(datetime, @StrDate) first. After that you go with what Bing just said to strip off the time part.

An enhancement to the unsupported version: I am not sure if this may effect any performance. getdate() is an input timestamp in my query.

select cast(cast(getdate() as DATE) as DATETIME)

If you will always have the date in the same format, i.e. yyyy-MM-DD you can grab the first 10 characters if the value and insert that which is the equivelant of 00:00:00.0000 time for that date.

select left('2009-12-32 4:32:00',10)

This is a very efficient way to do this as it does't require converting data types HOWEVER, it does require that the date will always be formatted with a four digit year and two digit day & month.

cast it to a date, and then you can use CONVERT to get just the date.

INSERT MyTable(Column1)
SELECT CONVERT(CHAR(8), CAST('2009-06-24 09:52:43.000' AS DATETIME), 112)

Probably a cleaner and more portable way to do this, but my years old idiom is:

insert into tbl (date_column)
select convert(varchar, convert (datetime, '2009-06-24 09:52:43.000'), 101)

A variety of hacks:

  • Convert your string to a datetime, then back again using the optional "style" parameter to convert to convert your datetime to a string using just the date portion
  • use substring to chop off the end
  • round the datetime using floor

I have found that casting as a date, then to a datetime to be very efficient and intuitive.

 SELECT CAST(CAST(GETDATE() as date) as datetime)

Strip the time, and cast it to date:

select cast(left(yourstring, 10) as datetime)
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