Is there a way to have firebug retain the activities log even after navigating to another page?

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Edit: Just thought I'd edit this since all the answers on this page are now out of date... As of version 1.5, Firebug lets you retain your net panel activities between page loads by selecting the Persist option (at the top left, next to Clear).

Not that I'm aware of out of the box... If you're just trying to record the header request/response info (as opposed to the actual content & timings), you could try Live HTTP Headers. Not as pretty, but I still find it useful in certain debugging scenarios.


There's a Firebug extension called Firebug Net Panel History Overlay. That probably does what you want.

If you want something more than that, you might want to have a look at packet sniffers like Fiddler or HttpWatch.

You may use HttpFox. This does exactly what you want, and also what I wanted. That's why I recommend it.

Check out this post that explains how to persist Net panel entries across page reloads.


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