I have a SQL table like so

PV      Area    CouterParty

851     M010    Name1

561     M011    Name2

869     M012    Name3

And I need to transpost it, using T-SQL (not reporting services or anything else), so that it looks like this:

CounterParty M010 M011 M012 .... 

Name1        851 

Name2             561 

Name2                  869 

The thing is that I do not know how many Area codes I will have, so there could be any number of columns really.

Any ideas how I can do this? Thanks a milion

No correct solution


You could do this via a cursor loop and a temporary table.

Select all of you area codes, run the cursor for each fetched row insert rows into your temporary table as necessary close your cursor select from your temporary table

Use pivot Function if you use SQL Server 2005 or latest

    CouterParty ,
    [M010] ,
FROM    ( SELECT    
            PV ,Area    ,CouterParty
          FROM      TablesName AS T
        ) AS T1Temp PIVOT ( Sum(PV) FOR T1Temp.CouterParty IN ( [M010],
                                                          [M012] ) )  As PivotTable
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