I am using NetBeans to create my first Ruby on Rails application. Is there a way by which I can view all of the properties of a model? Should I just be looking in the database?

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I just use db/schema.rb - seems to work fine for me.


You could call Model.attributes in Rails' console. This gives a hash with all attributes.

Be careful when using this inside your real code as it always recreates the hash and is therefore pretty expensive.

You can use the annotate gem for this - it will add comments to the top of each model indicating its properties.

Just type your model name on the rails console then press Enter.

rails c # start your rails console


=> User(id: integer, email: string, password_digest: string...)

In case anyone is viewing this and is using a newer version of Rails, you can just call Model in the console. (I'm on Rails 3.2.1 and Ruby 1.9.2p290.)

In fact, calling Model.attributes in this case does not work.

A nice little tool that I use is from MySQL. It is called MySQL Administrator.

It lets me validate that the db (development/test/production), the tables for the db, and finally the columns(attributes).

Model.attributes #=> {'name' => 'foo', 'desc' => 'bar'}

P.S. - use this.

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