In a app i have written we delete and recreate the performance counters as the app spins up.

When running this from a console the application deletes and recreates the counters and the counter category fine.

When we run from a service, the app deletes the counter category as expected but when creating the new category it hangs until the service times out

     if (PerformanceCounterCategory.Exists(CATEGORY_NAME))

Works ok but then hangs in this method

      private PerformanceCounterCategory RecreateTheCategory()
     PerformanceCounterCategory category = null;
     if (!PerformanceCounterCategory.Exists(CATEGORY_NAME))
        category = PerformanceCounterCategory.Create(CATEGORY_NAME, CATEGORY_HELP,
     return category;

on the .Exists line. I expect this is something to do with permissions but as in production we have to run the service as Local System I really need to fix it in code without elevating the user account


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I found the solution, i needed to do my IOC build up in the OnStart() method and no the constructor

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