I have used the following regex to get the urls from text (e.g. "this is text possibly some more text").


This works for all URLs but I just found out it doesn't work for URLs shortened like: "blabla bla blabla" becomes after the match.

I suspect it has to do with the dash - after the slash /.

No correct solution


Short answer: [\w/_\.] doesn't match - so make it [-\w/_\.]

Long answer:

@              - delimiter
(              - start of group
    https?://  - http:// or https://
    ([-\w.]+)+ - capture 1 or more hyphens, word characters or dots, 1 or more times.. this seems odd - don't know what the second + is for
    (:\d+)?    - optionally capture a : and some numbers (the port)
    (          - start of group
        /            - leading slash
        (            - start of group
            [\w/_\.] - any word character, underscore or dot - you need to add hyphen to this list or just make it [^?\S] - any char except ? or whitespace (the path + filename)
            (\?\S+)? - optionally capture a ? followed by anything except whitespace (the querystring)
        )?     - close group, make it optional
    )?         - close group, make it optional
)              - close group
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