What is Robot Army Testing? Where is it used? How can I learn it?

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I'm not sure that it exists. There's Rational Robot, an automated testing record-and-playback tool, but you have to buy it. I've yet to hear of Robot Army testing, however, although I agree with Nick - it sounds AWESOME :)

The only mention I can find of it ANYWHERE is on:

So maybe it's also known as MBT (Model Based Testing)?

If so, take a look at for information on that and some handy links to tutorials etc.

Hope that helps!

If by "Robot Army Testing" you mean assembling a suite of automated tests on a grand scale (sort of xUnit on steroids) then this presentation provides a helpful introduction. It is also known as Model-Based Testing.


As uberRouse notes, the use of randomly generated values in testing is interesting. I first came across this in 2005. It was a tool called Agitator from Agitar Software which took manually written unit tests and expanded on the coverage by plugging in random values and edge cases.

This term is not on WikiPedia. Everything, that is at least a little popular technology appears there quickly. Are you sure you don't misspell it?

Robot Framework maybe? We use it and it's great!

Here's a link to my blog page about a set of interviews on "Ethical and Legal Aspects of Unmanned Systems." The last interview from "A Developer's Perspective" generally describes (overview) a grand process for testing and "acceptable deployment" of intelligent autonomous military robotic systems. Note that you can either order the printed publication or download a pdf immediately.

BTW, it sounds like web-site DDOS testing ;)

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