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I am working on a silver light projrct.In this I need to upload an image and save it in a folder in the server(i.e., in a folder in the application). I want this funtion to be done on button click. So I cannot use file upload control. For getting the images I used open dialog. Now I have to sae the image.

If anyone have any idea to save the image to folder please reply me.

Thanks in advance.


If you are selecting a file by using OpenFileDialog then you will get the stream, right?

So, you can do http-post this stream to your web service.

Please check this example:

Silverlight File Upload[^]

Note: It's not possible to do without using any web service.

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You'll need to wire in a WCF service at the server side. The service would take the file information and byte array, then store it locally.

In your Silverlight application, you'll reference the service, then take your image data and send it.

To get to the image data, most likely you'll send it into a WriteableBitmap and then parse the Pixels array ... you can either format it on the Silverlight side and send it down, or send it raw and handle formatting on the server. Perhaps simple compression in the client, then uncompress and format into JPEG/PNG/etc on the server would be fine.

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