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I'am trying to develop an asp.net website using silverlight but i've tried to install silverlight but it says i need pre requisites please point me to the correct direction


All that you need to download is linked to from this page[^].

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You need to have .NET 3.5 service pack 1 and Visual Studio 2008 service pack 1 before installing Silverlight Tool for Visual Studio.

Hi, i appreciate you for asking this question.
Through out my personal experience i tell you few tips....

Silverlight 2 is Javascript based...
it support C#..but if you install silverlight templates then it show only silverlight page with javascript.

so if you need to have silverlight with complete C# or VB support then you need to install Silverlight 3.
To install silverlight 3 you need following prerequisite
.Net 3.5 sp1
Visual studio 2008 sp1

after that you need to download silverlight sdk from following link

problem solved........
take care.. if there is any problem then you can mail me

according my experience i ll tel you what was the errro
you need to follow the following steps
you need to install VS SP1
install silverlight3 tools for VS2008
now youre able to create your application

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