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I have to shift MFC(MDI Application) project into C# .net windows applications(windows forms).
I have used MVC architecture in MFC( Model and Controller part is in DOC itself.).

I am little confused about use of MVC architecture and one more thing I want to tell you that, Now I want to make proper MVC architecture in C#. windows application.
But I never used in C# .net (windows forms). Now I am learning to it.
So I need help about it.

 I  have checked google, code project but most of the article explained MVC architecture for asp.net not for windows application.So, If you know any article, link or forum, please share it.

Thanks in advance!


There are many articles all over the internet. Take a look at the article pages here on CodeProject, use Google, look at MSDN, etc. You could even buy a book to learn the basics; or This online one.

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