I have a 2.0 framework ASP.Net page that runs in our controled environment (IE 7). The dialogWidth property seems not to be working. The scrip is as follows:

var win = window.showModalDialog ('Page.aspx', 'PopupPage', 'dialogHeight:600px,dialogWidth:800px,resizable:0');

The dialogHeight works fine but no matter what I change the dialogWidth to - it seems to be limited to a width of about 250px. In the configuration above the modal popup is higher that it is wide - even though width is 800 and height is 600.

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Try this:

var returnValue = window.showModalDialog(sUrl,'','unadorned:yes;resizable:1;

Someone I work with had the same problem, and this fixed his problem...


The options must be delimited by semicolons, not commas.

var win = window.showModalDialog ('Page.aspx', 'PopupPage', 'dialogHeight:600px; dialogWidth:800px; resizable:0');
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