I want a regex that matches a square bracket [. I haven't found one yet. I think I tried all possibilities, but haven't found the right one. What is a valid regex for this?

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How about using backslash \ in front of the square bracket. Normally square brackets match a character class.


Try using \\[, or simply \[.

Are you escaping it with \?


Here's a helpful resource to get started with Regular Expressions:

In general, when you need a character that is "special" in regexes, just prefix it with a \. So a literal [ would be \[.

If you're looking to find both variations of the square brackets at the same time, you can use the following pattern which defines a range of either the [ sign or the ] sign: /[\[\]]/

If you want to match an expression starting with [ and ending with ], use \[[^\]]*\].

does it work with an antislash before the [ ?

\[ or \\[ ?

If you want to remove the [ or the ], use the expression: "\\[|\\]".

The two backslashes escape the square bracket and the pipe is an "or".

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