I have the following VB.NET class definition:

<Serializable()> Partial Public Class Customers
End Class

Inside another file I have the same thing (with different methods and variables of course). When I compile, I get the following error:

Attribute 'SerializableAttribute' cannot be applied multiple times.

The error is pretty self explanatory. My question is though, if I just mark the one class as Serializable(), can I assume the entire class with be marked as serializable()? In other words, Do I only need the serializable() tag in 1 spot in the class?

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You only need it marked once per class so in a class with more than one 'partial' definitation, you should just remove it from all the other files. The whole 'partial' thing is just a way of visualizing your code so when you apply it once, it will be for the whole class.


Yes, you only need to put it in one of the Partial Classes:

At compile time, attributes of partial-type definitions are merged.

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