Has anyone else ran into the issue where you created a prototype based window using the window.js library and it renders just fine in every browser except IE6?

The test page I am trying to use to debug this issue can be viewed at

As you can see, the window graphics, which are background-image values assign in CSS are obviously being wiped out in IE6. I have tried the examples given on the website that actually developed this and it seems to do the same thing there.

I would love it if someone has come up with an answer or good workaround for this issue.

Thanks folks.


No correct solution


I'm not sure about your particular case, but I have had instances of CSS backgrounds not appearing in modal dialogs on IE6. Pre-loading the image when the page loads using JavaScript solved this issue:

tmpImg = new Image()
tmpimg.src ="image/bg1.gif"

There is a server side fix for flickering background images in IE6.

Add an HTTP header, something like Cache-Control: post-check=3600,pre-check=43200

This page is for IIS but some people mention Apache in the comments:

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