I am currently working on a standard windows mobile application. It is required that we use a ListView, but with images in the sub items.

We need a List View with 3 columns and three rows. I want to show 9 icons on form.

How to add images as subitems in ListView?

I can use picture box but i don't have any event to navigate from one image to another image.

How can I handle it?


No correct solution


There is no native support for adding images as subitems in the ListView. If you know that there will always be exactly 3x3 images, why use a ListView? You can simply lay out 9 PictureBox controls on the form and load the icons into them.

It might be worth checking out this article. Although it's written for the full .NET Framework, it might also work for the Compact Framework (I have not tested it myself, but NMCUSTOMDRAW seems to be supported by Win CE).

The only way to do this in a standard ListView use owner-drawing.

Set the OwnerDraw property of the ListView to true, handle the DrawColumnHeader and DrawItem events and set e.Handled to true, and handle the DrawSubItem event and draw the correct images.

EDIT: The .Net Compact Framework does not support owner drawing, so this technique cannot be used.

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