I am writing the selenium test.

I have a label there "Assign Designer" and the select box followed right after the label. Unfortunetely, select box has the dynamic id and I can not query it by id or any other it's attribute.

Can I build the XPath query that returns "First select tag after text 'Assign Designer'"?

PS. Selenium supports only XPath 1.0

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This would be something like:

//label[text() = 'Assign Designer']/following-sibling::select[1]

Note that:

  • The // shorthand is quite inefficient, because it causes a document-wide scan. If you can be more specific about the label's position, I recommend doing so. If the document is small, however, this won't be a problem.
  • Since I don't know much about Selenium, I used "label". If it is not a <label>, you should use the actual element name, of course. ;-)
  • be sure to include a position predicate ([1], in this case) whenever you use an axis like "following-sibling". It's easily forgotten and if it is, your expressions may produce unexpected results.
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