Hibernate persistence class: @Entity public class A {

    @OneToMany(mappedBy = "a")
    private Set<B> bSet = new HashSet<B>();

    private boolean DELETED;


Class B also have a DELETED property. How can we process DELETED property during join automatically, for select only not deleted entities. May be with help of some annotations. It is possible?

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Solution 2

Many thx! that is my resolve:

public class A extends DeletableEntity{

    @OneToMany(mappedBy = "a")
    @Where(clause = "DELETED=0 or DELETED is null")
    private Set<B> bSet = new HashSet<B>();

    public Set<B> getBSet() {
        return bSet;

    public void setBSet(Set<B> bSet) {
        this.bSet = bSet;

and HQL "select a.DELETED from A a join a.bSet bSet" will be generate native SQL like this:

select a0_.DELETED as col_0_0_ from A a0_ inner join B bset1_ on and ( bset1_.DELETED=0 or bset1_.DELETED is null)

and entityManager.find(...) will be working right :)


According to Hibernate documentation you should use ResultTransformer (ALIAS_TO_ENTITY_MAP).

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