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I have written a neural network program to train for recognition digits from image using back propagation and feed-forward. Its working quite good. I just wanted to know that how do i save this trained neural network since i don't know what to save. My objective is to train my neural network just once because it takes very long time to train (1000 iteration, and many training sets) and then i want to save it and load it for later use. I hope u understand my problem. I cannot reveal all my neural codes. But this is how execution code looks like

NeuralNetwork nn = new NeuralNetwork(numberOfInputs, nuberOfHiddenNodes, numberOfOuputNodes);
pattern less than patternsList.length:


class NeuralNetwork implements Serializable { ... }

Chain ObjectOutputStream with FileOutputStream. Call the method writeObject(...) to write the NeuralNetwork object.

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After your network is trained you can store (and later load) the in-memory contents of NeuralNetwork and its children using Java Serialization.

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