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How to create a hibernate order with properties in another table?

StackOverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8665845


I'm trying to create an order on a table and one of the items to be 'ordered by' happens to be a property that's in the one end of the relationship. Do I specify the property by the name of the key, the name of the property (in the foreign table) or the name of the table? Currently have: order = new Order[]{Order.asc("lastControlDate"), Order.asc("idManufacturer"), Order.asc("model")}; where in idManufacturer is the foreign key Thanks

The entities are Manufacturer 1..M Car wherein:


public class Manufacturer{
    private Long idManufacturer;
    private String name;

//<editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Constructors">
public Manufacturer(){
//getters and setters....



public class Car {
private long idCar;
private String model;
private Manufacturer manufacturer;
//Constructor, getters and setters...

order = new Order[]{ Order.desc("manufacturer"), Order.desc("model")};

public static List<Car> listCarsByManufacturer(Manufacturer name, Order...orders)throws Exception{
        LinkedList<Criterion> criterions = new LinkedList<Criterion>();
        criterions.add(Restrictions.like("Car.manufacturer", name));

        List<Car> cars =carDAO.findAllCars(criterions, orders);
        return cars;


You still haven't shown us the query, in CarDAO.findAllCars().

Anyway, here's how you get a list of cars with a retriction on their manufacturer name and an order on their manufacturer ID:

Criteria c = session.createCriteria(Car.class, "car");
// to add a restriction on a property of manufacturer, you need
// an inner join on manufacturer
c.createAlias("car.manufacturer", "manufacturer"); 
c.add(Restrictions.like("manufacturer.name", name));
// you want to get the car with their manufacturer, so you need a fetch
c.setFetchMode(car.manufacturer", FetchMode.JOIN);
// you want to order by id of manufacturer

All this is very well explained in the Hibernate reference manual.

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