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Simple web “live chat” software (LAMP stack) that integrates with Jabber/Aim [closed]

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I've looked for this a few times in the past, to no avail. I would like a simple php/ajax web chat interface, that, and this is the critical part, will interface with my IM client (Pidgin) ... via Jabber or Aim. Plugoo is almost what I want, except it is hosted, and flash based. Flash-based would be OK if not ideal, but hosted isn't.

Note that I don't just need notifications, but I want a user of the website who clicks "live chat" to get a chat interface and my IM client allows me to interact with them.

This is super handy for those of us that want to provide live support to clients who do not use IM.


This wouldn't be that hard, if you implement the Oscar protocol that AIM uses. It's not very complex, and that would allow you to build a nice web based AIM client for your website. There may be a 3rd party solution that you could use, but as far as I know, Oscar is pretty trivial.


(Disclaimer: I work for Jabber, Inc., the commercial company behind the product I'm about to pimp.)

JabberWerx AJAX
(source: jabber.com)

The JabberWerx AJAX libraries do exactly what you want. You include a reference to a Javascript library, add a div tag where you want the chat to go, and add a couple lines of configuration javascript to hook the two together. There's also a one-to-one mode. User accounts can be created on the fly if you like, as well.

Sorry for the ad, but I think it's exactly what you want.

I think that http://www.plupper.com is exactly you are looking for

If you use Strophe, it should be easy to get this to work, particularly if you have a copy of Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery, by Jack Moffitt.

By far the fastest way I can think of would be to add a Google Talk gadget to your page. You will need a gmail account yourself, but visitors to your page don't, they can just start chatting. Google Talk is excellent with Pidgin.

If you wish to roll your own, the Jabber Wiki has a list of web clients for Jabber:

JWChat might do what you want.

How much does this product cost? Re this response from Joe Hildebrand.

For a PHP based solution you can try out building your application with Jaxl library. We use this library completely to build a hosted service at Jaxl IM which integrates with all XMPP client (pidgin, psi, gtalk) on any kind of platform (mobile, desktop, web).

All that we use to build Jaxl IM solution is out open in form of Jaxl library and can be used to build your own custom solutions. Let us know if you need any consultancy/help with your project.

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