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I have been looking for documentation related to interacting with MSPaint from the command line. I have only found references to /p, /pt and /wia, but no guidance as to how to use them and their limitations.

I am trying to send some graphics files to the printer and when I drop the file on my printer driver I get a different print output than if I call paint from the command line. I am using the UDC print driver to convert graphics, and I am using paint to send my graphics file to the printer driver in order for my file to convert.

Any ideas?


I know that mspaint /p filename and mspaint /pt filename both print straight to the default printer. Not sure what /wia does, maybe something to do with Windows Image Acquisition?

Also, as others have pointed out, there are many programs a lot more capable for doing what you want than MSPaint.


I actually suggest you look into doing this in Paint.Net instead. You will have much more freedom.

I suggest ImageMagick hands down... it's like having Photoshop on the command line!

What OS (specific version) are you using? The newer versions of Windows support printing graphics files without the need for MS Paint or any other graphics program. It's called the "Photo Printing Wizard" in XP, and you can even just right-click on a graphics file and choose "Print" right from Explorer - no other program required (and no command line switches needed either).

If all you are trying to do is send some graphics files to the printer, and you're able to drag & drop them, then this is what I'd recommend using.

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