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I have a simple PyQT project. I would like to know how to build it in Windows in such way, that it becomes runnable executable. I don't want to require user to install heavy QT framework for his computer. How to make executable with only necessary parts of QT?


I use py2exe for deploying a Windows standalone GUI cross-platform (under Linux, all the python libs are available on the Linux hosts). You run the py2exe "setup" to build an .exe+, and py2exe pulls the binary bits and your python code and builds into a loadable, runnable Windows executable pack.

Python 2.5 on windows was the long-time requirement, but the recent 0.6.9 release added python2.6 (and python2.7?) support. No python3 yet.

Also, you may want to consult Py2exeAndPyQt on py2exe wiki.


In addition to py2exe and cx-Freeze, check out PyInstaller.

Have you looked at py2exe, cxFreeze or other python packaging apps? They weed out the needed dlls by looking at what you use.

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