What is Magento 2 Extensions and How to use it
Magento 2 extensions is a kind of tools to install in ecommerce store. Magento 2 helps e-commerce to create a e-commerce site with optimum customer satisfaction and persuasion. Magento 2 extension will provide service of multi flat shipping, store pickup, product attachments, etc.

Magento 2 will boost sites traffic and site conversion for your e-commerce shop.

Magento 2 used as online shop e-commerce site.
To use Magento 2 extension  first user have to install Magento. To use Magento, user can purchase extensions from

How useful Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 extension versions is useful in various way such as

  • when a user login into account, the user will be provided with guests help.

  • While using magneto 2 development, it will show actual shipping cost.

  • In Magento 2 new feature is added like comfortable payments' method, different payment options and order summery also

  • in new version of Magento 2 extensions, magneto 2 store pickup is available

  • in Magento 2 extensions, the improvement in webpage for quick delivery.

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Top 3 Magento 2 Extensions provider

MageAnts a specialized organization that offers 90+ unique Magento 2 extensions. MageAnts is the best Magento solution provider in e-commerce business. MageAnts specializes in Magento 2 extensions and theme development and certainly ace the industry for excellent quality services


Amasty is one of Magento extensions, in which user can choose new 150+ extensions. The plugins in Amasty are developed to meet the needs of Magento 2 owners and solve their problems.
Amasty gather new features from clients requests to analyze and implement them in products. From, Amatsy user can get Magento 2 free gift extensions.

Mageplaza is a Magento 2 extensions. Where user can find 231+ e-commerce solution for every online store with great support and officially qualifies module quality.

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