(I've seen similar questions, but I think none of them cater to my specific needs, hence...)

I would like to know if there is a Java library for analysis of real-world (read: incomplete, ill-formed) HTML. By analysis, I mean things like:

  • figuring out the most prominent color in an HTML chunk
  • changing that color to some other color (hence, has to support modification of the HTML as well)
  • pruning out unwanted tags
  • fixing up the HTML to result in a well formed HTML snippet

Parts of the last two are done by libraries such as Jericho, and jTidy. 'Plugins' on top of these would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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You might want to check out TagSoup:


Well I would tidy it first into valid XML, then using XSLT do a conditional deep copy where I would do the most-prominent-color/pruning/whatever processing you need.

Take a look at JTidy, a Java port of HTML Tidy. It will, depending on what options you choose, fix non-well-formed HTML and otherwise clean it up.

You'll need something else for the colour changing stuff.

Maybe you will find something in this list (try TagSoup, NekoHTML, VietSpider HTMLParser).

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