How can I create a VB application in VS2008 without requiring the application be run on a computer with a .NET framework in place?

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You can't create a non-managed VB application in VS 2008.

You would have to use C/C++ or go back to VS 6.

You can look at the question below for more information on .NET linkers. That is technically an option, but if I were starting a new application that I didn't want to depend on the .NET framework I would not use a managed language.

Running .net based application without .net framework


You'll need to use a 3rd party .NET linker, Visual Studio itself doesn't support what you're after but a number of tools allow it to be done.

A couple of tools:

Another, non-VS, option is to use Mono to build a "Bundle" which combines both the runtime and your application into a single executable: Mono:Runtime - Bundles

You can't. You would need to go back to Visual Studio 6 and create a VB6 app.

You can't. VB is .net based, there isn't a non .net VB anymore.

The best you can do is include the .net redistributable with your application's installation.

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