So, what is a best approach to implement silverlight localization with Reactive Framework (Rx) to achive on-the-fly UI changing? I would be very much obliged for examples.

Here is an example of on-the-fly UI changing. But I can't figure out how it works.

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Localization can be made quite simple in .NET or as complex as you like.

The simpler way, would be to create localized resource DLL's for each supported language, and then set the CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture for the user's selected, or detected, language, falling back to a default (preferably English) in case the language isn't supported.

And set up a watcher in case the of a language change.

Some programs requires to reload, others simply to repaint (as it seems the case with the sample you provided).

Paulo is correct, see Localizing Silverlight-based Applications. That is specifically for localizing code. If you want to localize the Xaml then see How to: Make XAML Content Localizable.

Using Rx here doesn't do you any good unless you want to reinvent the wheel. Localization is built into Silverlight. It will be "on-the-fly", even in the case where the resources are on the server, they are cached once the Xap or satellite assemblies are downloaded.

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