In a webserver if gcc and g++ are not provided by the hosting service to the user.Can we download it and compile through it in RHEL5 OS.

If so please provide the suitable link to download it.


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A web hosting provider is unlikely to give you compilers on the hosting box for your use. They will expect you to do your development on your own box and copy the executables to theirs.

That's if they even allow arbitrary code running on their machines at all - they may if you get your own VM but, if you're sharing resources with any of their other customers, I'll guarantee you'll be restricted in what you're allowed to put on their machine (and, unless you're in your own little VM, it's rightly still their machine - all you do is pay for the ability to use their server infrastructure).


If you have terminal access

su -
yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

You cannot download RHEL; it is not gratis. You can however download and use CentOS free of charge.

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