I'm trying to create a regex that matches comparisons like this:

= 445
> 5
>= 22
< 3
<= 42
<> 10

I thought that this would work, but it doesn't:


It's very important that the '>' or '<' precede '='. These operators would not be valid:


I'm using this to create some dynamic sql so the comparison operators need to valid sql.

Any suggestions?

No correct solution



or something like: (doesn't really do what you want, it matches all 2character combinations of =<>, but for clearness)


-> when you use the [] braces, it means, that one of the character inside should take place (multiple | defined may lead to undefined behavior, or behavior I'm not aware of)

-> you probably wanted to use simple braces (), where the | has the 'OR' meaning.

I would say the regex given by EmFi is good enough. With some modifications it can take expressions like this


or this


With this modified regex


And give it as "valid". Probably is very simple but at least in my case, enough

EDIT: Regex was modified in order to take comparison operators (<,>,>=,<=,==) and boolean operators (&&,||) in a similar way to C-like languages

The syntax […] denotes a character class. Use (…) for grouping instead:


And here’s a more compact one:




This one will do what you're looking for.


just solved this for myself. it matches <, >, <=, >=, !=, =, <> and not => or =< unfortunately it still matches >>. I am just checking for that in my application code.


i'm now im hooray old post but, i've made regex witch is case sensitive and find only that what we need, and i hope it's help somebody.

Its works for != , <=, >=, ==, < , > and find it only on the begining of string.

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