I had compiled some examples from svgalib, the console show : Using EGA driver svglib 1.4.3

Nothing more, its like its drawing somewhere but I cannot see it. This could be a ver very noob question about svgalib, but also a configuration problem.

Also I check the virtual console that it says is drawing (if I run from X), running from console just stays there. I also put sleep in the code

example code :

include stdlib.h
include vga.h

int main(void) { vga_init(); vga_setmode(G320x200x256); vga_setcolor(4); vga_drawpixel(10, 10);

sleep(5); vga_setmode(TEXT);

return EXIT_SUCCESS; }

compile with gcc -o tut tut.c -lvga

Was it helpful?


So do you have other SVGAlib applications working on your system? Such svgatest, which may be in a separate distribution package (svgalib-bin or similar).

Have you configured svgalib for your system? Common locate of the config file is /etc/vga/libvga.config and read man svgalib should give you more details.

I suspect that once you have SVGAlib working in general, the tutorial example program will work.


Install by software manager all svgalibrary.

Set the resolution at yours graphics screen

es : G1024x768x256

set color pixel white = 15

my linux mint (mate) 17.1 on hard disk work fine.

good luck !

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