I’m looking for my application (it’s a sort of CRM) to include a web-based GUI that supports old browsers like IE 5.

Is there any good client-side cross-browser framework that supports old browsers? I don’t need something fancy with effects and animations.


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For your specific needs check out David Mark's "My Library". It doesn't have the popularity of jQuery or Extjs but for absolute cross-platform portability, nothing beats it. It was developed from best practices gathered from comp.lang.javascript.

He claims:

...after spending a week testing, I am pleased to announce that Cinsoft supports My Library in the following browsers:

All of them.

But seriously, we've tested successfully in:-

  • IE 5-8
  • FF 1-3.5
  • Safari 2-4
  • Opera 5-10
  • Netscape 3-9


I don’t think that’s a problem anyone’s interested in solving (i.e. web-based gui frameworks for older browsers like IE 5).

It’s much harder on older browsers because they lack features, have more bugs, and run JavaScript slower. And there’s less point, because those browsers are disappearing.

If I were you, I’d build a CRM application that’s so good, companies still on IE 5 will install Firefox just to use it.

DynAPI and lib.js are two of the oldest frameworks. They support IE5 and Netscape browsers. There are menu utilities and small abstraction libraries as well.

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