how to update a control inside update panel without reloading(postpack) the update panel please give an example code with C# if you could. so the update should happen in client side.

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Really, the whole purpose of an UpdatePanel and AJAX in general is a partial post back of the page. If you want to work with something client-side, Javascript is usually the best thing.


If the control is inside an update panel, all you need to do is do all of your postbacks inside that update panel. So if you have a button event or any server side event that is executed inside the update panel, any control within the update panel will update without a postback

Update panels are tricky and does many things that you cant handle. I recommend an javascript framework with ajax postbacks

You can see the answer of the following question How to configure UpdatePanel so that it should render empty first time and later after page render refreshes and get data asynchronously , this refreshes update panel from javascript

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