In OOCalc I want to use the CONCATENATE function to add quotes to each string in column A.

So in cell B1 I want to do:


OOCalc does not like this, or without the escaping backslash.

Does anyone know how to do this, or what an alternative method might be?

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This works for me:


Repeating the quotes escapes them (as it does in Visual Basic, I believe), so """" reads as: 'one quote to start a string, one escaped quote (""), then one quote to finish the string'.


Use char(34) to get the quote character.

CONCATENATE(char(34); B2; char(34))

Identical to the above but without the function:

="""" & A1 & """"

You can do it in 2 ways,

  1. By using =CHAR(34) in the places of doible quotes eg: =CONCATENATE("coffee",CHAR(34),"code")

  2. By concatenating cell values


  • Set the cell value as double quotes -> "
  • Concatenate that cell in the string, wherever you need double quotes. eg: E1 = " F1 = =concatenate("coffee",E1,"code")

Thank you

You can use single quotations marks within the double quotation marks and vice versa.

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