When I used datepicker with trigger icon so that users could choose date from clicking this icon or type directly in textbox (txtDate), I also used jquery validation to require textbox must be not empty. But when a user submit the form with empty textbox (txtDate.Text=""), the error message of validation push trigger icon to the right. Could you tell me the solution? Thank you very much!

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  rules: {...},
  messages: {...},
  errorPlacement: function(error, element) { //solve you problem
    var trigger ='.ui-datepicker-trigger');
    error.insertAfter(trigger.length > 0 ? trigger : element);


The errorPlacement function receives two parameters - the error message and the validated element. Use the latter to decide whether or not to customize the placement for your fields (for example, by adding a class):

      rules: {...},
      errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
            if (element.hasClass('customError')) {
                  // custom error placement
            else {
                  element.after(error); // default error placement
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