I've seen that most of the documentation in the Liferay Wiki (concerning Eclipse plugins and the like) refers to Liferay version 4.x. Are there up-to-date resources for developing Liferay portlets with eclipse (3.5)?

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There is a new top-level project at Liferay that is called Liferay IDE which is the official set of eclipse plugins for Liferay. Here is the installation guide and getting started tutorial.

We are starting to use this as a reference. It seems pretty good to get going.

The other thing to look at are the two (at least I found) Maven plug ins for Eclipse/Liferay.

One comes from Liferay and the other a community. and this is a good ref of it:

From Liferay:

Both are good and help with the busting out of project archetypes for Liferay.

Check Liferay IDE, which supports development for all latest Liferay Portals. Liferay IDE is based on eclipse and is maintained by Liferay itself.

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