I'm not getting back data from my DB like I'm expecting. I know that I can get data from the DB because I have other functions working. With this page, what I'm trying to do is the following:

If no postback, then I would like it to echo "No Category Selected"

If a category has been chosen, then I would like for it to get that data from the DB and show it on the page. I'm sure I can do this all in one view, I'm just not doing something right. Can someone help please?

the error i'm getting is:

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Trying to get property of non-object Filename: views/category_view.php Line Number: 25

as for db schema:

table: 'business' id, busname, busowner, busaddress, busicyt, busstate, buszip, busphone, webaddress, category, featured, userid.

table: 'category' id, catname, catdesc.

table: 'photos' id, photoname, photolocation, busid, userid.

table: 'specials' id, specname, specdesc, busid, userid.

table: 'videos' id, title, link, busid.


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Not sure at all what exactly is or isn't working for you. I tried this locally, and It is echoing "no category selected" correctly.


echo form_open('/site/categories');
echo form_fieldset(); ?>
<legend>Choose the Category of Business you are interested in.</legend>
<select name="catSelect">
foreach ($catList->result() as $row){
    echo '<option value='.$row->id.'>'.$row->catname.'</option>';
echo form_submit('submit', 'Submit');
echo form_fieldset_close();
echo form_close(); 
<table id="businessTable" class="tablesorter">
<thead><tr><th>Business Name</th><th>Photos</th><th>Videos</th><th>Specials</th></tr></thead>
if(count($serviceVendors) > 0){
    foreach ($serviceVendors as $row){
        echo '<tr><td>'.$row->busname.'</td><td>';
                echo "photoname is set";
                echo "photoname not set";
            echo '</td><td>';
                echo "title set";
                echo "title not set";
            echo '</td><td>';
                echo "specname set";
                echo "specname not set";
            echo '</td></tr>';
        echo "no category selected";

If you can be a little more specific (and post a db schema), I'll try harder.

OK. The problem is in your category_view:

<?php if(count($businessList) > 0) : foreach ($businessList as $svrow): ?>

needs to be:

<?php if(count($businessList) > 0) : foreach ($businessList->result() as $svrow): ?>

without the ->result() identifier it doesn't assign the object to svrow. So with this line, in place echo $svrow->busname; will echo the business name as expected.

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