I am using simpleXML and I want to loop though the feed to only display 5 shows using the position() method, but have no joy in getting it to work

foreach($xml->sortedXPath('TV[position() < 5 and ProgrammeName="MTV"]', 'TransmissionDate', SORT_DESC) as $i => $item)

    print "<a href='?v=".$item->ID."&a=false' class='link'>\n";
    print "\t<span class=\"text\">" .trunc($item->ShortSynopsis,25, " "). "</span>\n";
    print "\t</a>";

any suggestions on how I can get this working

this is the XML data I am working with

No correct solution


This feels like a repost, but anyway...

NiseNise wants to sort nodes then keep the top 5. The problem is that this XPath expression selects the first 5 nodes in the document, then the method sorts them. What you need to do is sort all the nodes then only process the first 5.

foreach($xml->sortedXPath('TV[ProgrammeName="MTV"]', 'TransmissionDate', SORT_DESC) as $i => $item)
    if ($i > 5)

    print "<a href='?v=".$item->ID."&a=false' class='link'>\n";
    // etc...

I forgot to mention, sortedXPath() isn't part of SimpleXML, it's part of a library extending SimpleXML, hence the retagging.

Have you considered that your loop will begin at item[0]? So $i > 5 will output the first 6 nodes because the count would begin at item 0. Simply change it to $i > 4 and that should fix your problem.

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