I am upgrading a project with around 60 java classes, from 1.4 to 2.0 . Apart from replacing deprecated functions, adding generics, will converting the whole project into UI Binder approach i.e. XML and Corresponding working Java classes, be recommended. Or shall i go on adding new UI requirments using Ui Binder and leaving the existing code as it is?

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I'd go with UiBinder all the way - that way you'll get most from the benefits of UiBinder (like nice CSS handling/minification/obfuscation). And the rewrite will be a good chance to look at the older code and do some refactoring - like reorganizing the Widgets to be more lightweight (more pure HTML via UiBinder, less Widgets, but don't go overboard ;)), maybe introducing History support, i18n, etc. I had the same dilemma some time ago and took the full UiBinder approach and don't regret it ;) It makes it easier to work with the code too - since the UI code is consistent.

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