I don't understand why I get this error when I upload images...

The selected file intersection.png could not be uploaded. The file is not a known image format.

It is just a png file, and the problem came when I moved the website on the server. On localhost everything was perfect.

1) I've deleted the "files" folder and created it again with a php script (to make the server the owner) 2) drupal automatically creates 2 folders into it (imagecache and temp) so I assume it has the privilegies to write into it. 3) I've changed the temporary folder in Settings > Filesystem from "/tmp" to "temp", since I got an error before (probably the /tmp folder on the server is not writable by drupal


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Solution 3

I solved it. The rewrite module is not enabled on my IIS server, so I had to change a line of code inside the imagecache.module to add "index.php?q=

return url($GLOBALS['base_url'] . '/index.php?q=' . file_directory_path() .'/imagecache/'. $presetname .'/'. $path, $args);

OTHER TIPS I think this module help me in my problem related this issue.

There's a known problem with Drupal 6.15 and IIS (see If you're on 6.15, try backing down to 6.14 until a fix is completed.

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