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Firebug is not displaying Complete js file to debug. I m unable to place break points at particular line in js file, half of the file content is display, half of file content is not displaying. please help me what to do to place break points at particular line which can visible line.that js file is gwt compiler generated file.

I am using Firebug 1.5.0 version. Firefox 3.5.

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There was a bug on this fixed recently in Firebug, so try upgrading to the latest version.

Edit: you might need to install the alpha builds: see


If you have access to change the raw file, you can add the debugger; statement at that line, which triggers a breakpoint when it is executed. Then you won't need to scroll through.

Alternatively, I believe that the Chrome developer tools will allow you to set a breakpoint with a command, rather than clicking, so you won't need to scroll the file either. Not sure if Chrome is an option.

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