My application is using Spring MVC. On the way from the Controller to the view we are taking adventage of this framwork by creating a bean of the model that is used to display the relevant properties through the JSP. On the way back however, meaning after submitting a form back to the controller, it is using a raw HTTPRequest instead of a structured formBean.

I think that this is a disadvantege so I am looking for way to insert this to our MVC model. I saw in this link some way that Spring MVC handles it. by adding to the JSP binding such as:

<spring:bind path="command">  <font color="red">    <b><c:out value="${status.errorMessage}"/></b>  

and to the controller:

 protected ModelAndView onSubmit(Object command) throws ServletException  
{    Widget widget = (Widget) command;

But this solution is not good for our implementation - I don't want to add anything to the JSP and in addition . some of the parameters that are added to the httprequest are done in javascript code. Therefore I am looking for a solution that can create formBean out of the form parameters while the mapping is not defined on the JSP but elsewhere (in some dedicated xml obviously).

Any ideas?

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The simplest way to use a form (command) bean in Spring is to write a controller that extends SimpleFormController.

A quick Google shows a number of basic tutorials - for example:

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