I am trying to do a MVC project where i want to use fluent nhibernate. gonna use sql. unfortunately i am confused about how to even start it. i found no tutorials in the net. i need help in organizing my project.thanks in advance

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I have a series on my blog where I build a forum application using mvc and fluent nhibernate. You can check out one of the earlier posts and download the source code. Here is the link to the series:


Sharp architecture can be helpful. You can base your application on it. It contains MVC and nHibernate and handles many problems that you will have during application development. It is solid base for every MVC app.

You should look at Who Can Help Me?, which is an example site put together by EMC that uses many of the big OSS projects out there today. Specifically of interest: MVC + Sharp Architecture + Fluent NHibernate.

James Broome has also written plenty of stuff about using all the technologies used in the above on his EMC blog.

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