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Running 'lein test' without compiling ClojureScript

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I have client-server app (backend in Clojure+ring, frontend done with ClojureScript) and there are unit tests, but only for backend.

Each time when I run 'lein test' lein have to compile ClojureScript, because ':hook [leiningen.cljsbuild]' is set in project.clj.

Can I somehow run tests without ClojureScript recompilation?

No correct solution


cljsbuild provide next hooks:

  • compile
  • test
  • clean
  • jar

You can't remove/deactivate one of this hooks and use others. I suggest you don't use :hooks [leiningen.cljsbuild] at all. Just declare :aliases for doing actions that you need: i.e. compile should run both compile and cljsbuild once (you can do this with do statement in aliases, see sample project for more information).

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