Can anyone recommend a good (AS3) logging API for Flash/AIR/Flex? I need something to capture and record mouse and keyboard events in addition to coded events. Preferably something well documented/supported. Thanks in advance.

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I've been using Thunderbolt. It allows you to see your log results in Firebug.

I developed and manage Loggee!, a Flash/Flex Logging Tool:

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I would recommend Arthropod if you are looking for a development tool (this wasn't very clear in your question), if it's to log your client's behavior, I'm not aware of any tool sorry.

I always end up writing my own logging solutions. They generally are very simple compared to the rest of the project, and by writing my own I can tailor it exactly to what I need. Whereas using a pre-built one, always seems like either it is too over-engineered and complex to use, or it's too simple and lacking a couple features I need.

Try to use Log5F logging utility for ActionScript 3.0

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