What is the best way to make trailing slashes not matter in the latest version of Routes (1.10)? I currently am using the clearly non-DRY:

map.connect('/logs/', controller='logs', action='logs')
map.connect('/logs', controller='logs', action='logs')

I think that turning minimization on would do the trick, but am under the impression that it was disabled in the newer versions of Routes for a reason. Unfortunately documentation doesn't seem to have caught up with Routes development, so I can't find any good resources to go to. Any ideas?

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There are two possible ways to solve this:

  1. Do it entirely in pylons.
  2. Add an htaccess rule to rewrite the trailing slash.

Personally I don't like the trailing slash, because if you have a uri like:

You should be able to get the same data in xml format by going to:


The following snippet added as the very last route worked for me:

map.redirect('/*(url)/', '/{url}',
             _redirect_code='301 Moved Permanently') has a basic piece of middleware which removes a trailing slash from requests. Clever idea, and I understood the concept of middleware in WSGI applications much better after I realised what this does.

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